Sunday, August 9, 2009

Girl Virtual Worlds you probably never knew existed.

Groovy Girls.
Safe Chat. Go to posh parties and meet other girls. Now you need RSVP dolls to unlock new features.
Comments: Member since 2007. I was playing on this website since it was simple and had 1 or more parties at a time. I remember when the RSVP stuff didn't even exist.

Spark City
Summary: No membership required. You can take outlines add color and save full outfits to wear. It's still in beta. You can type your own messages to chat. You earn money buy playing games
Comments: Member since this year.Very fun. They've added a lot more features and games. I wish earning money would be easier.

Everything Girl
Play Games to earn points to upgrade your power pet. Do things to earn charms for you bracelet No chatting what so ever.
Comments: Member since 2006 or 2007. It's fun when you're younger and enjoy playing games with Barbie.

Barbie Girls (a.k.a BBG-My friends and I used to call it that)
Now it requires to but a VIP membership now to unlock the full world. Back then all you had to but was the MP3 player. It's fun but non VIP's don't get to do as much as before when VIPs didn't exist. You don't get to buy some clothes or furniture anymore to decorate your house and dress up your avatar. Your house is permanently locked if you aren't a VIP so you don't get to visit other houses anymore :( And you need your parent to activate you for full chat or it will just be in safe mode. And you can't really do anything anymore that's really fun but chat with other player, and just walk around and play the new games.
Comments: Playing this since Summer 2007. I loved it when I first saw it, but over time less things are available for non-members. When there wasn't any VIP thins it was better.
Make a avatar and explore the virtual world. But you have to but the bratz doll with the USB first, to play.
Comments: I don't really have experience playing this but my friend does.
Beacon Street Girls.
Join clubs and chat with othes about topics. You can earn HLP and M$M (Marty Money) to spend in the town and buy stuff for your locker, which you can decorate. They've recently upgraded to lockers to 360 one's. Personalize you page and leave comment on other's white boards. Also there are fun games like the movie maker, and dress up games. Also You can explore the character's bios and win cool prizes. 
Personal Comments: Member since Fall 2008. Really fun and I recommend it to anyone. Most people are friendly.

Girl Sense
Sort of like Stardoll, you create a boutique, and create clothes and participate in auctions.
Comments: Made an account on 2008 The game is fun since the clothes aren't bad, you get to create your own logo, and personalize a lot. 

Well-known girl dress up game.
Comments: You can dress up celebrities, so that's a little fun